Fun &  Engaging Industrial Safety Education

The Safety Firm specializes in OSHA 10 & 30 Hour General Industry training courses designed to help meet OSHA compliance standards and improve the safety and well being of your employees. Most courses are taught live in the Indianapolis, Indiana area

We can create custom safety training to be delivered on-site at our facility or at your company. A few times a year we hold OSHA 10 and 30 Hour trainings. Classes fill up so register early.

Bobbi K. Samples, Certified Safety Professional, Owner & Principal Trainer

Bobbi K. Samples, Certified Safety Professional, Owner & Principal Trainer


The Safety Firm is an OSSHA certified safety and health training company dedicated to providing proven training designed to help companies obtain, maintain and exceed OSHA Compliance standards while improving company morale.

Bobbi K. Samples, CSP is the Owner and Principal Trainer of The Safety Firm, LLC. This is the sixth business she has successfully imagined, created, owned and operated. She received her Business Management degree from Indiana Wesleyan University and has worked at the executive level within Fortune 500 companies in the areas of human resources and safety. Through The Safety Firm, LLC, Bobbi works with businesses to help them manage, audit, train, and grow their safety program to higher levels. Besides directing the operations of The Safety Firm, Bobbi is a professional artist, acclaimed safety facilitator/presenter/trainer and innovative motivational speaker. She is consistently cited for her entrepreneurial approaches to training, professional growth and workforce solutions.  

I have had the pleasure of working with Bobbi K. Samples for ten years and have witnessed her exceptional speaking and teaching abilities. She connects with her audiences personally and professionally, creating trustworthy business relationships. I would highly recommend Bobbi to any company looking for her safety, health and motivational talents.
— Jim Ford, VP of Business Education KY Chamber of Commerce


Available Classes from THE SAFETY FIRM

The Safety Firm offers many courses to help manufacturing companies meet and exceed their safety goals and requirements. Many of the courses we can teach are not published here, so if your interested in specific training not mentioned below, please contact us and inquire - you may just be in luck :)


OSHA 10-Hour | GEneral Industry outreach course

This OSHA Outreach Training Program gives a broad overview of the most significant OSHA topics and regulations. This course is is taught by an experienced OSHA Authorized Instructor. The 10-Hour course will provide participants with 1.5 days of intensive review of the current OSHA requirements in the area of occupational safety and health. Attend this course and receive practical, proven safety information that you can implement at your facility.



This is a 4-day comprehensive look at the OSHA 1910 General Industry regulations. It is designed to give the participants an in-depth look at many of the current occupational safety and health compliance topics. This training will allow you to get a full understanding of what each of the OSHA required programs entails. The course goes beyond the compliance topics and addresses the business of safety, culture, leadership and motivational techniques.


"Reads participants well to keep the group engaged"

"Best Trainer I've ever had!"
"Materials were very good. I can take this information back to use to formulate a training program
"Bobbi makes this interesting! She knows her information"
"I wish I had brought someone with me from my company"
"The best speaker I have had on OSHA subjects"

"Extremely knowledgable - Great presenter!"

"Great personality and delivery, excellent job clarifying information and answering questions"